Thursday, April 30, 2015

Secret Wars #1 Exclusive Cover Variants for Retailers - Full List

Secret Wars, the latest massive company-wide crossover from Marvel Comics is newly upon us.  The inaugural #0 issue is being released as a free comic during the 2015 Free Comic Book Day (FCBD).

The FCBD giveaway, coupled with the release of the new Avengers movie, has resulted in a ton of attention being paid to the comic book industry.  Enterprising retailers have taken advantage of the media maelstrom by purchasing their own exclusive cover art for the first issue of Secret Wars.

This trend of single stores getting their own cover has become much more mainstream lately, but has not reached the fevered pitch of Amazing Spider-Man #666 -- one of the early comics to offer exclusive covers to stores who pre-purchase a large number of issues.

It's time to scout out all of the exclusive retailer variant covers for Secret Wars #1.  The list below is a work in progress, so please post a comment if you find anything that should be added.  Happy hunting!

ACBC Exclusive Variant
Alex Ross Exclusive Variant
Books-A-Million Exclusive Variant
Buy Me Toys Exclusive Variant

Comic Block Variant
ComicXposure Exclusive Variant
Dallas Comic Con Exclusive Color Variant
Dallas Comic Con Exclusive Sketch Variant
Dynamic Forces Exclusive Variant
Fantastico Exclusive Color Variant
Fantastico Exclusive Sketch Variant
Forbidden Planet Exclusive Color Variant
Forbidden Planet Exclusive Sketch Variant
GameStop Exclusive Heroes Variant
GameStop Villains Color Variant

GameStop Villains Sketch Variant
Hastings Exclusive Variant
HeroesCon Exclusive Variant
Infinity Beyond Exclusive Color Variant
Infinity Beyond Exclusive Sketch Variant
Legacy Comics Exclusive Color Variant
Legacy Comics Exclusive Red Variant
Marvel Collector's Corp Midtown Comics Exclusive Color Variant
Midtown Comics Exclusive Sketch Variant
Mile High Comics Exclusive Variant
Newbury Comics Exclusive Variant
Space Cadets Collection Exclusive Variant
Stan Lee Collectibles Exclusive Sketch Fade Variant
SuperHeroStuff Exclusive Variant
Think Geek Variant Travelling Man Exclusive Variant
Wizard World Comic Box Exclusive Color Variant
Wizard World Comic Box Exclusive Sketch Variant
Zavvi ZBOX Exclusive Variant


  1. Need to add the Marvel Collector Corp Exclusive

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  3. Hi,
    I wanted to know if the style of eyes of the mask of Spidey is subject to the copyright?
    Is it possible to rework this element and after using it as a logo for a site?
    Thank you

  4. I don;t know for certain whether or not Marvel has copyrighted the Spidey eyes, but I would guess not. And if you change them enough, you are probably okay.

  5. Hi,
    thank you, it looks like this

  6. Hi,
    I reworked a little the eyes, a little more rounded

    Better or not? Thank you

  7. I'm no copyright attorney or anything, but your re-worked version looks like you would be okay.

  8. Hi,
    I was asking you, just as you have a site on spidey, and I see others, who use Spidey directly, Marvel never created any problems?
    I do not know that Marvel is attacked a site of fans for having used one of their characters in banner, logo or in avatar, it seems to me, I am mistaken?
    Thank you


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