Friday, July 27, 2012

Spider-Man Comic Appearances for July 25, 2012

This week we have 7 new Spider-Man comic book appearances, but more importantly we have 4 new appearances from recently released comics...that we failed to find the first time around.

On the variant front, there is just one lone cover variant for Amazing Spider-Man #690.

This week brings us Astonishing X-Men #52 -- the follow-up to issue #51's wedding -- which sports Spider-Man clearly present at the reception.  Considering we counted #51 as an appearance with just a partial hand present, it's nice to have the confirmation in this issue.  (Of course, it was also nice to have confirmation straight from the issue's artist too.)

Here is this week's list...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Spider-Man Comic Appearances for July 18, 2012

Wow!  It's a lite week with only two comic titles featuring a Spider-Man appearance.

BUT...and there's always a but...they each have variants that combine for a total of 10 books.  Psych!

The weirdest thing for the week is that there were no core Spider-Man titles released.  That's more than made up for by the 7 versions of Avengers Vs. X-Men #8 and 3 versions of Captain Marvel #1.

Here's the list:

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Spider-Man Comic Appearances for July 11, 2012

This week we have 6 new comic books featuring a Spider-Man appearance.  Spider-Men #3 makes up half that list with its regular cover and two variants.

Here's the list:
  • Avenging Spider-Man #9
  • Marvel Universe The Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes #4
  • Scarlet Spider #7
  • Spider-Men #3
  • Spider-Men #3 (Pichelli Variant)
  • Spider-Men #3 (Dodson Variant)

If you're lucky enough to go, have fun in San Diego this weekend.  If not, then you can watch updates on G4.

Happy boxdiving!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Spider-Man Comic Appearances for July 4, 2012

This week we have 14 new comic books (with a magazine in the mix too) that feature a Spider-Man appearance.  Not the least of which are 9 issues from the Avengers Vs. X-Men mini-series.

While there are 5th printings of the #0-2 issues, in issue #7 of Avengers Vs. X-Men (out this week) Spidey manages to make a small cameo within the 6 variant versions of the book.  It appears he may have a bigger role in upcoming issues.

Also out this week is the 2nd issue of Marvel Super Heroes Magazine.  It's a fun romp for younger readers.  This actually was released in bookstores a week or two ago, but makes its way to comic shops now.  And it still sports the newsstand barcode.  I guess it wasn't economical to print 2 versions (newsstand vs. direct) for this one.  They did the same thing with the first issue too.

Here's the list for this week:

Add One More Astonishing X-Men #51 Variant To the List

As a follow-up to a recent article, I just came across another new variant for Astonishing X-Men #51 when I was working on completing my Spider-Men #1 retailer variant collection.

Heroes Aren't Hard to Find in Charlotte, North Carolina puts on the wildly successful Heroes Convention -- also in Charlotte.  At this year's event back in June, they offered an exclusive "variant" of Astonishing X-Men #51.

The issue includes an image created by Phil Noto of Heroes owner Shelton Drum and his wife Linda.

I say "variant" because the comics weren't printed with the image, but rather the picture was professionally printed on label stock and placed on the blank area of the cover.  Not a true printed variant, but one professionally manufactured.

You can read more or get a copy on their site, and grab one of their many comic shop exclusive cover issues while you're there too.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Three Variant Comics to Watch for at San Diego Comic Con 2012

UPDATE 7/25:
So it looks like the sketch cover (pictured below) was not released.  I'm not sure where the image originated, but a few auctions made it onto Ebay before the convention began.  Oops.

There was another giveaway with a Spidey appearance at the con though.  Marvel gave away a preview version of Amazing Spider-Man #692 that also includes previews of Hawkeye #1, Captain Marvel #1 and Gambit #1.

I first reported there were 2 variants at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con with Spider-Man making an appearance, but there are actually 3 showing up.

These include:

Amazing Spider-Man #688 (regular cover)

Amazing Spider-Man #688 (sketch cover)

Astonishing X-Men #51 (with the blink and you'll miss it Spider-Man glove)

And if you can't make it to the show, you can find them on Ebay.