Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spider-Man Comic Appearances for February 29, 2012

Wow!  We are variant free for the second week in a row.  I think Marvel has kicked the variant disease and wants to put out meaningful books once again.  And I truly appreciate it because now we can afford to buy their comics each week.

Not to mention, there were only 4 new comic books this week with a Spider-Man appearance.  That keeps things light on the wallet too.

There is an end to this happiness though.  I'm sure you've all seen the promos for the upcoming Avengers vs X-Men mini-series.  There are plans for a boat-load of comics and variants for that one to be sure.  Not the least of which are two retailer variant covers that local comic shops can opt to get personalized for heir store if they purchase the minimums required.  The jury is still out on how many will be taking them up on that one.

From a store participation standpoint, the personalized retailer variants have severely decreased in popularity since Amazing Spider-Man #666 kicked off the trend for Marvel -- it wasn't the first company to use the gimmick, but it was wildly popular with roughly 140 stores participating.  I would guess the AvX mini-series has the potential to persuade a few dozen stores to get involved, but not the 140 or so that bought into Spidey #666.

Recent reports have over a 1,000 local comic shops signed up to participate in the AvX preview parties that are set to occur the night before the book is released.  And I'm guessing that will be enough for most stores.  Buying 500 of a variant cover in addition will just be too costly.

All of that said, no matter how many stores get their own variant, rest assured that will assemble a set because of an appearance by our favorite webhead.

Now on to this week's books:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spider-Man Comic Appearances for February 22, 2012

I never thought I'd write these words, but this week there were NO VARIANT COMIC BOOKS with a Spider-Man appearance.  It's been a while.

With that said, there were eight new comics with Spidey in them, and one of those was a freebie promoting the upcoming Avengers vs X-Men (AVX) series.

And speaking of the AVX series, Marvel has announced there will be another round of retailer-specific variants.  Only time will tell how many decide to pony up for the minimums needed to get their own variant.  I keep hoping they will get past this fad.

Here is the list of new books for the week:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spider-Man Comic Appearances for February 15, 2012

This week there are 8 new comic books featuring Spider-Man appearances.  Not too surprising for Marvel is the fact that only 3 of those issues actually have new content.

Everything old is new again as Marvel returns to the past with a release of many second printings of month-old books.  Interestingly, my local comic shop still had plenty of the first printing issues, but who am I to question Marvel's judgement.  I suppose since they are axing several lower selling titles, they feel the need to fill the shelves with something...and second printings are cheap to produce.

On another note, this week's Amazing Spider-Man #679.1 is released with a different cover stock.  The paper was first used back on Fantastic Four #601, and I really like it.  It has a stronger feel and is less prone to casual handling damage, plus it has more of a matte finish that appeals to me.  It appears this new stock is being used on Marvel $2.99 price point comics, while the $3.99 and above issues still have the thinner glossy covers.  I say go to the new stuff across the board.

Here are the new Spidey books for the week:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Spider-Man Comic Appearances for February 8, 2012

It's a lite week with only three new comic books featuring a Spider-Man appearance.  I guess, technically, only two of the books actually have Spidey in them, but Scarlet Spider #2 came out and I'm counting that as a Spider title.

With the Daken series coming to a close, and Marvel cutting the necks of several other titles based on sales, it'll be interesting to see if Scarlet Spider can withstand that pressure and survive.  I'm enjoying the storyline and the fact it is set in nearby Houston, Texas.

Here are the latest appearances for this week:

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Spider-Man Comic Appearances for February 1, 2012

We're kicking off a new month with new comic day.  And this time around we have 7 new comic books featuring an appearance by the webbed wonder, Spider-Man.

Every comic type is represented with regular issues, a second print, and some over loving cover variants.

I have absolutely loved the 2-issue story in Amazing Spider-Man that concluded this week -- ASM issues #678 & #679.  Some fun time travel with a concise and tidy ending.

This month we also get another non-Marvel Spidey appearance with the first issue of Simpsons Illustrated.  It's less of an appearance than it is a spoof with Groundskeeper Willie taking a turn as the Friendly Neighborhood Willie Webspinner -- complete with blue tights and a red kilt.

Here is the full list for the week: