Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Spider-Man Comic Appearances for June 6, 2012

Late again for last week.  We had 9 new comic book appearances, and 7 of those are company-wide Spidey-themed cover variants.  ugh.  Of the remain 3 books, one was a freebie.

Here's the list:
  • Age of Apocalypse #4 (Spider-Man In Motion Variant)
  • Amazing Spider-Man The Movie #1
  • Avengers Academy #31 (Spider-Man In Motion Variant)
  • Dark Avengers #175 (Spider-Man In Motion Variant)
  • Journey Into Mystery #639 (Spider-Man In Motion Variant)
  • Summer of Spider-Man Sabretooth Reborn Preview Book
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #11
  • Winter Soldier #6 (Spider-Man In Motion Variant)
  • X-Factor #237 (Spider-Man In Motion Variant)

Next week we'll have an implosion of new Spidey appearances.  Not the least of which will be Spider-Man #1 and its many incentive variant covers that include a comic shop retailer variant.  There will probably be a couple dozen of those floating around out there.

Be sure to set your wallets to standby.

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  1. Also this week

    Spider-Man Big Time Ultimate Collection TP


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