Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spider-Man Comic Appearances for May 30, 2012

So life gets back to normal this week, but June promises to bring more convention awesomeness.  After hitting conventions in both Dallas and Houston in May, I will be taking a turn in San Antonio at the Texas Comic Con in late June.

But before that happens, I'll be making a pilgrimage to Mile High Comics to visit their new warehouse store - quite possibly the largest comic shop anywhere ever!  And the trip to Denver will coincide with the inaugural Denver Comic Con event.  It should be a lot of fun.

I use the term pilgrimage purposefully, because I was wavering on whether or not to make the trip.  I was concerned that after paying for airfare, a hotel room, renting a car, plus expenses, what if I couldn't find enough books off my want list to make it worthwhile.

It was earlier this week when I needed to make the final decision to go, and that morning I received an email from a reporter with CNN requesting an interview about Spider-Man's 50th anniversary and how the character has affected me.  The questions took me back to the days when I started collecting Spider-Man comics, and rekindled memories about the first time I purchased comics through mail order from Mile High Comics.  The 10-year-old me had so much fun scouring the catalog to pick out what I wanted to get with my allowance.

Remembering how I felt those many years ago cinched the trip for me.  It's an experience and a chance to reconnect with my inner child.

This week on the comic front is alternate printing week.  Among the 14 new books released, 10 were 2nd or 3rd printings of recent Marvel comics.  That along with 3 regular appearances and Marvel Previews, and we have another variant-free week.  Yahoo!

Among the new releases, the Amazing Spider-Man Annual #39 was a lot more fun than expected.  It was your basic time travel and pocket universe issue with a lot of heart.

Here are this week's new appearances:

  • Amazing Spider-Man #684 (2nd Printing)
  • Amazing Spider-Man Annual #39
  • Avengers Vs X-Men #1 (3rd Printing)
  • Avengers Vs X-Men #2 (3rd Printing)
  • Avengers Vs X-Men #4 (2nd Printing)
  • Avenging Spider-Man #6 (2nd Printing)
  • AvX Vs #2 (2nd Printing)
  • Daredevil #11 (2nd Printing)
  • Marvel Previews #106
  • New Avengers #25 (2nd Printing)
  • Punisher #10 (2nd Printing)
  • Uncanny X-Men #11 (2nd Printing)
  • Wolverine And The X-Men #11
  • X-Men #29

Have fun at your local comic shop this week.

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  1. Also this week…

    Incredible Hulk #8 (Ed McGuinness Amazing Spider-Man 50th Anniversary Cover)


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