Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Spider-Man Comic Appearances for November 16, 2011

This week we have a massive 28 comic books featuring Spider-Man appearances.  This is spread across regular issues, variants and alternate printings.  The main culprit for the high number is the continuation of the Avengers X-Sanction back-up teaser story.

While it can be expensive picking up so many books in one week at the local comic shop, it does allow you to sample comics you might not read otherwise.

One jewel this week is the 6th issue of Comic Book Comics.  This is a fun series that offers a humorous view of the comic book business and history.  The latest issue doesn't disappoint...and it features a couple small Spidey inspired cameos as well.

Here's the list for this week:

  • Amazing Spider-Man #674
  • Amazing Spider-Man #674 (50th Anniversary Variant)
  • Avengers #19
  • Avengers Origins Luke Cage #1
  • Comic Book Comics #6 (from Evil Twin Comics)
  • Deadpool #46
  • Deadpool MAX 2 #2
  • Fear Itself #7.3
  • Fear Itself #7.3 (Olivetti Variant)
  • Fear Itself The Fearless #3
  • Incredible Hulk #2
  • Incredible Hulk #2 (Silvestri Sketch Variant)
  • Incredible Hulk #2 (50th Anniversary Variant)
  • Legion of Monsters #2
  • New Mutants #34
  • Punisher #5
  • Punisher #5 (50th Anniversary Variant)
  • Six Guns #2
  • Super Heroes #20
  • Thunderbolts #165
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #3 (2nd Printing)
  • Ultimate Comics X-Men #3
  • Venom #9
  • Venom #9 (50th Anniversary Variant)
  • Wolverine Punisher and Ghost Rider Official Index to the Marvel Universe #4
  • Wolverine The Best There Is #11
  • X-23 #17
  • X-Factor #227

Have a great week boxdiving at your local comic shop.

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  1. Also this week:

    Spider-Man Torment TP (New Printing)
    Marvel Universe Vs Wolverine HC

    And this time, the special thanks was there. Which wasn't hard, 'coz it's in the HC as well. LOL.


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