Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spider-Man Comic Appearances for July 13, 2011

This week had the potential to be a huge (re: costly) one with around 45 new books from Marvel alone hitting comic shop shelves, and that doesn't include the dozen or so new trade paperbacks too.

Plus Marvel felt the need for 18 of those new comics to be variants.  Heck!  There are 14 comics alone from three newly launched series including Captain America, Ghost Rider and X-Men Schism.

Well, Spidey wasn't in any of those.  But it was still a relatively heavy week with a total of 12 comics and variants featuring a Spider-Man appearance this week.

Here's the list of books from this week:

  • Amazing Spider-Man #665
  • Amazing Spider-Man #665 (Captain America Variant)
  • Fear Itself Spider-Man #3
  • FF #6
  • Iron Age #2 (Fantastic Four Variant)
  • Iron Age #2 (Power Man and Iron Fist Variant)
  • New Avengers #14
  • Super Heroes #16
  • Ultimate Comics Avengers Vs New Ultimates #6
  • Ultimate Comics Avengers Vs New Ultimates #6 (Hitch Variant)
  • Ultimate Comics Fallout #1
  • Ultimate Comics Fallout #1 (Djurdjevic Variant)

Have fun finding the one-panel Spidey appearance in Iron Age #2.  And see if you can find Daredevil hitting on Wonder Woman in the same panel.

Enjoy your boxdiving this week!

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  1. Also this week...

    Spider-Man Origin Of The Species TP
    Spider-Man The Death Of Jean Dewolff HC (Premiere Edition)
    Spider-Man The Death Of Jean Dewolff HC (Premiere Edition)(Direct Market Variant Edition Volume 70)


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