Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Spider-Man Comic Appearances for July 6, 2011

Before I get to the list of new Spider-Man appearances for the week, I want to send a quick shout out to my local comic shop and all of the shops around the country for all of the hard work they do each week getting the comics ready for us to check out.

It's funny, but I can't think of any other retail business that I visit each and every week.  I suppose some folks can get that from shopping for clothes, but give me a wall of new comics and I'm in hog heaven.

And one last shout out to Diamond Comics for their new distribution policy of sending new comics on Tuesday, so shops can have the comics ready to go first thing Wednesday morning.  Now, when we have a week with a holiday like we just did...

(Happy belated 4th of July, by the way)

...the comics show up on Wednesday morning and comics shops race to get them out for our consumption.  Nice job by everyone.

Now on with the new comic show...

It's a mighty big haul this week with 18 new comics featuring Spider-Man appearances.  We've got regular books, variant covers, promotional giveaway comics, and magazines.

The appearances range from full fledged starring and guest starring roles, all the way down to a itty bitty Spidey symbols.  To illustrate the point, see how long it takes you to find the appearance in Vengeance #1.

Here's the list of everything...

  • Avengers Thor and Captain America Official Index to the Marvel Universe #15
  • Fear Itself #3 (2nd Printing)
  • Fear Itself #4
  • Fear Itself #4 (Dodson Variant)
  • Fear Itself #4 (Immonen Variant)
  • Fear Itself Youth In Revolt #3
  • Hulk #36
  • Hulk #36 (Captain America Variant)
  • Marvel Super Stars Magazine #5
  • Moon Knight #3
  • Moon Knight #3 (Captain America Variant)
  • Spider-Girl #8
  • Spider-Island Daily Bugle (Promotional Item)
  • Spider-Man With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility #4
  • Super Hero Squad MMO Magazine #1
  • Vengeance #1
  • Vengeance #1 (Deodato Villain Variant)
  • Wolverine and Black Cat Claws 2 #1

And now an update to last week's list of appearnaces.  My local comic shop didn't get it, so I completely neglected to include another variant for Ultimate Spider-Man #160 -- the Bagley Spoiler Variant.

That's all for this week.  Have fun boxdiving for comics.

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