Thursday, January 12, 2012

Spider-Man Comic Appearances for January 11, 2012

So this week we have 14 new Spider-Man comic book appearances, but they are comprised of only 5 titles.  Mucho variantos this week.  But the books are pretty good, so it's all good.

The big Spider story this week is the release of Scarlet Spider #1 along with its five variant covers.  It's a good setup issue establishing the character's past and what his motivations were and are.

Just like the recently restarted Ultimate Spider-Man, this is a good book and worthy of joining the collection.

The weakest appearance this week is Wolverine #300.  There's a back-up cover gallery -- which Marvel has been prone to do in their anniversary issues -- and blink and you'll miss the couple covers with Spidey.  Strike that.  Spidey appears in costume on a few (thanks Peter), along with a spoof of the 1990's Spider-Man #1, and another features Peter Parker.  You don't have to tell me how weak that is.  I know.

Here are this week's books:

  • Amazing Spider-Man #677
  • Amazing Spider-Man #677 (Bermejo Variant)
  • Carnage U.S.A. #2
  • New Avengers #20
  • New Avengers #20 (Venom Variant)
  • Scarlet Spider #1
  • Scarlet Spider #1 (Blank Variant)
  • Scarlet Spider #1 (Stegman Variant)
  • Scarlet Spider #1 (Bagley Variant)
  • Scarlet Spider #1 (Venom Variant)
  • Wolverine #300
  • Wolverine #300 (Blank Variant)
  • Wolverine #300 (Wraparound Variant)
  • Wolverine #300 (Cheung Variant)

Have a great week boxdiving at your local comic shop!

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