Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Spider-Man Comic Appearances for October 12, 2011

Another light week for Spidey appearances.  Love that!  This week we have 7 new comic books with Spider-Man appearances and one is a freebie.

We're in wind down mode for the Spider-Island storyline, and Marvel is ramping up their marketing of Avenging Spider-Man with a new Daily Bugle giveaway comic.

With FF #10 out this week, and #11 soon to follow, we get a little closer to Fantastic Four #600 and a shift to the team in the FF book with #12.  Not yet sure how this will affect the webhead and whether or not he will continue to appear in one or both of the books.

New Avengers #17 gets a 1:50 variant, so this one will likely cost a bit.

The coolest cover this week has got to go to Black Panther #524 -- a Spider-Island tie-in -- which pays homage to the boxed-in cover layouts seen on the early '70s Amazing Spider-Man issues #102-117.

Here is the list of appearances for the week:

  • Amazing Spider-Man #671
  • Avenging Spider-Man Daily Bugle (Promotional Item)
  • Black Panther The Most Dangerous Man Alive #524
  • FF #10
  • New Avengers #17
  • New Avengers #17 (Marvel 50th Anniversary Variant)
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #3

One book I couldn't find at either of the stores I frequent is X-Men Evolutions #1.  It purportedly has a compilation of X-Men covers through the years, so there is a small chance Spidey makes an appearance.  If anyone gets a look, please let me know.

Enjoy your week, boxdivers!

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