Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spider-Man Comic Appearances for October 5, 2011

This week is an uncharacteristically light week with a paltry 8 new Spider-Man comic book appearances to pick up at your local comic shop.

Only one issue with a variant cover, no second printings, and the Season One Guide with Spidey on the cover is a freebie (if your store got it - one did and one didn't in my town).

Probably the biggest news to come out this week is the announcement of a new mini-series titled Avengers: X-Sanction slated to hit shelves in December.  The issues features the return of Cable as he is pitted against the Avengers in what is being purported (by Marvel) as the kick off to "...2012’s status quo-shattering event."

I'm not sure yet how prominent Spidey will be in the issue or series, but he is portrayed (albeit seemingly dead) on the cover of the first issue.  And that first issue will undergo the Amazing Spider-Man #666 and #669 treatment where retailers who meet a predetermined order threshold will be able to choose from two variants to order a personalized cover for their store.

Here's the list of new apperances for the week:

  • Marvel Previews #98
  • Marvel Super Stars Magazine #8
  • Moon Knight #6
  • Season One Guide (Promotional Item)
  • Spider-Island Heroes For Hire #1
  • Spider-Man With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility #7
  • X-23 #15
  • X-23 #15 (50th Anniversary Variant)

Enjoy the low-impact hit to your pocket book this week, boxdivers.

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  1. Also this week

    Marvel Masterworks The Amazing Spider-Man Volume 6 TP
    Marvel Masterworks The Amazing Spider-Man Volume 6 TP (Direct Market Variant Edition Volume 33)
    Spider-Man The Return Of Anti-Venom HC (Premiere Edition)


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