Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Amazing Spider-Man #669 Retailer Variant Covers

On the heels of the Amazing Spider-Man #666 retailer cover variant's being released, Marvel went right back to that well to offer a similar retailer-specific cover for issue #669.

This time, though, instead of the minimum order of 500 copies of the variant, each store would be required to purchase 2,000.  And while 142 stores took part is issue #666, only a handful have ventured into issue #669.

The stores taking part in the promotion include:

Midtown Comics

Flying Colors

Amazing Fantasy

Cards Comics & Collectibles

You can read more on Marvel's website.

In addition to these the three variant covers above, the issue will also include the following covers too:

  • Amazing Spider-Man #669 (Regular Cover)
  • Amazing Spider-Man #669 (Slott Variant) 1:15
  • Amazing Spider-Man #669 (Immonen Variant) 1:26
  • Amazing Spider-Man #669 (Immonen Sketch Variant) 1:52
  • Amazing Spider-Man #669 (You're Spider-Man Variant Cover)

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